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Announcing my departure from SPJM

In regards to a mutually reached decision by the SPJM founders due to irreconcilable differences in ideas and opinions concerning this organization, I will no longer be a part of SPJM’s core team of founders, directors, and/or other managerial staff, and at this point will not be involved in much of the way of any lower level or out-side activities either.

There is no ill will in my departure, however, and I wish the remaining founders all the luck in the world in carrying of their objectives with success. I hope to remain in contact with the organization in the future and provide other methods of aid in my specific capacities when they are of benefit to SPJM, but until such a time and opportunity may present itself I shall hence forth not take part in the organization’s affairs.

Please continue to support SPJM, the artists they promote, and Japanese musical talent as a whole, and hopefully some day we’ll all see each other at Ongaku Con together!

Best regards,
Morgen Stern
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